The interim president, Dr. Alastair Summerlee, will be in place for the year from July 2017 to July 2018. This paper outlines the goals and objectives for the interim president during that time. The goals and objectives, once approved by the Executive and the Board, will be shared with the university community.

The interim president will focus on five strategic goals:

  1. Promote and enhance the reputation of the University
    1. Develop and implement a strategic communications plan to promote the university and enhance our national and international reputation
    2. Make substantial steps to complete the capital campaign (set to be completed by the end of 2018) including: marketing the process; post-campaign planning and the role of the Board
    3. Assist the Board in coming to an effective, acceptable resolution of the Dominion-Chalmers Church issue
  2. Succession plan for senior personnel in the community
    1. Work with the Board to develop an effective recruitment and selection process for vice-presidents, associate vice-presidents and deans in the institution
    2. Develop a succession planning concept to minimize risk to the institution
    3. Clarify roles and responsibilities of units within the University and the Board on succession planning
  3. Government and community relations
    1. Complete and ratify SMA2 and prepare for SMA3 with the government including confirming revenue streams and funding envelopes and enhancing the student experience on and off campus
    2. Support on-going commitments to effective teaching and learning practice in the institution
    3. Develop an effective government/community relations process to ensure greater collaboration between Carleton and the partners in the city and environs
  4. Issue and Risk Management
    1. Resolve with the Board, the outstanding issues related to governance at the institution
    2. Develop and share with the Board a risk management register and identify the mitigation strategies in place or proposed
    3. Review effective governance strategies and structures in the institution for discussion by the Board
  5. Preparation of the new president
    1. Establish a formal process for welcoming and on-boarding the new president in 2018
    2. Provide support both internally and externally for the new president
    3. Take an active role in the hand-over with the new president