Photo of Inaki Rivera Beiras

Inaki Rivera Beiras


Degrees:Ph.D. (Barcelona)

Dr. Iñaki Rivera Beiras is a Human rights defender and professor at the University of Barcelona. In 2001 he founded the OSPDH and in 2016, the SIRECOVI. Dr. Rivera has published widely on prisons and human rights, and he is a referent point regarding these topics in Spain and Latin America. He usually cooperates with PPN, DN and the other Spanish and Argentinian partners of the project. Since 2017 he is a consultant for the EUROsocial Programme of the European Union developing practical tools for public institutions to attend to victims of torture and ill-treatment. In 2018 he was named a member of the Observatory of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture of the European Council and in 2020 he was elected member of the Advisory Council of the Human Rights Structure of Catalonia. In 2020 Dr. Rivera was also awarded the Human Rights Prize of the Association pro Human Rights of Spain (APDHE).