The Senior Management Committee (SMC) recently approved a new Procurement Policy.  After reviewing the Purchasing Policy and the FMP Procurement and Payment Policy and Procedures to harmonize the framework for the university, those policies were replaced with the new Procurement Policy effective September 2019.

While certain aspects of the policy remain the same (e.g. thresholds for competitive processes), there are some changes for acquiring goods and services, including:

  • Updated language on limited tendering to align with language in the trade treaties.  The previous single or sole source justification form has been replaced with the Limited Tendering Justification Form.  Individuals who have used this form should review the new framework because provisions for when single or sole sourcing is permitted have changed under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA).
  • New approved vendor-of-record concepts and fewer requirements for making purchases with university-approved vendors.  A new vendor list website has been created to help purchasers identify approved vendors and all vendors that have been enabled in eShop.
  • New sustainable procurement themes, including environmental responsibility and promoting healthy communities; and
  •  A focus on planning and risk management considerations, particularly involving appropriate departments as soon as a procurement need becomes known.

Please be aware that purchases of goods and services under $10,000, which are in accordance with this policy and any related policies, and for which the means of procurement outlined in the policy are not practical, may be reimbursed through the Travel and Expense system with the appropriate supporting documentation and one-up approvals. Faculty and staff should make every effort to utilize the means of procurement outlined in the policy.

To support changes and assist staff and faculty with becoming more familiar with the Procurement Policy, micro-learning videos will be released through the Financial Administration Community Training & Solutions (FACTS) website. The first video (Procurement Policy 101) is now available and can be accessed at

You will note that in the new policy that Purchasing Services has been renamed to Procurement Services. This change reflects a shift toward focusing on strategic sourcing activities rather than the transactional processes of how goods are ordered, and aligns us with the other universities in the province.

If you have any questions about the new Procurement Policy, contact Procurement Services at ext. 3622 or