In order to ensure that all members of our community have access to Return to Campus products, we ask you to please be responsible in your approach to acquiring items and to ensure your unit, or department is coordinated in its requests.

When placing orders for general supplies, including disinfectant spray, wipes, disposable masks and gloves, we recommend that your order not exceed what you estimate as required for a three-week period. Once the supplies you have on hand run low, you can always re-order and acquire additional Return to Campus products through eShop.

When placing your order, please also consider the following guidelines:

– When disinfecting work spaces, use the refillable disinfectant spray as your primary disinfectant. Remember to return any empty bottles when refills are delivered.

– Disinfectant wipes should only be used for sensitive equipment or surfaces that cannot be cleaned with the disinfectant spray, or other approved disinfectant specific to your areas, as there is a limited supply of wipes available, and we may rapidly face restocking challenges.

– If you are required to use disposable masks, one disposable mask should be allocated per-person daily.

– Containers of hand sanitizer should be allocated one per space, where “space” means an office unit or lab, not individual offices. When the bottle is empty, please keep the bottle and inquire about refill options. Refill options will become available in the coming weeks.

– If you are ordering gloves for research purposes, please place your order through the Science Stores.

Please also note that the available items featured in eShop may be different than the normal supplies acquired in your unit or department, and can be subject to limits on the amount you order.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering of return to campus products, we are always happy to discuss your individual circumstances. Email us at