Employee Computer Purchase Loans

The Employee Computer Purchase Loan program assists continuing employees in purchasing laptops, microcomputers, workstations, and related accessories for their own use in support of the University’s general strategic goal of enhanced access to information technology.

Guidelines for the program include:

  • All continuing employees (faculty and staff) are eligible for this program.
  • Only one loan per employee until paid in full. The maximum loan shall not exceed $5,000.00.
  • The term of the loan shall be from one to three years.
  • The interest rate charged shall be the prime rate charged by the University’s bank at the time the loan is approved plus 1%, and shall be fixed for the period of the loan. However, during the term of the loan, the entire outstanding balance can be repaid without penalty.
  • All amounts remaining unpaid at the date of termination of employment must be repaid in full at termination.
  • All purchases shall be made through Procurement Services.

Further details outlining eligibility and restrictions please contact, Mandy Hair, Director, HR Operations

How to obtain a computer & related accessories purchase through the program:

Complete the Computer Purchase Internal Loan Program Pre-Authorization Form and submit to Purchasing Services. Include a copy of the quote or screenshot of the item(s) you would like to purchase.

Once the loan has been approved by Finance, the item(s) requested will be ordered.

Purchasing will contact the employee to advise when their item(s) have arrived.

Upon pick up of item(s), the employee will sign a Deed of Loan.

For further information, contact Kim Price.