** Please note, all surplus sales are currently postponed until regular operations resume.**

The Surplus Sales Listing is used to dispose of university-owned used goods where there is no longer any operational value to the department.  Items on the list are available for purchase by any department in the university or member of the general public, including for the personal use of students, staff and faculty; however, preference will be given to UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS and SCHOOLS. To place an item on the list, please fill out the asset_disposal_form and send to procurementservices@carleton.ca

Any interested party may place a bid on an item by the date identified.  All items are offered “as is, where is – F.O.B. Carleton University” basis.  No warranty, express, implied or offered is available on any good.

Inspection prior to submitting an offer will be the responsibility of the bidder. Carleton University reserves the right to withdraw any item prior to the final sale.  The highest (or any) offer will not necessarily be accepted, and only the successful bidder will be contacted.  All applicable taxes, and/or duty will be added to any successful bids and the bidders will be notified.  The purchaser shall be responsible for the removal of the goods sold.  The University does not assume any liability for injury or loss incurred in the inspection, removal, use or handling of the item listed herein.

To submit a bid on an item, you must indicated the following:

  1. the item(s) + item number;
  2. amount of your bid;
  3. whether it is a personal bid or one made on behalf of a Carleton University department; and
  4. your telephone number and e-mail where you can be contacted during the day.

Bids must be emailed to procurementservices@carleton.ca.

PAYMENT BY CHEQUE (made payable to Carleton University) OR EXACT CASH ONLY.

All items must be paid for and picked up from the department within 15 working days of email notification.