approved vendors and contractsProcurement Services, on behalf of Carleton University, has entered into competitively procured agreements with vendors of various standard goods and services. Where a negotiated agreement is in place, the vendors are considered to be a “Vendor of Record”. These vendors may have been selected from a City of Ottawa agreement, an Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) agreement, Kinetic GPO, other agreements open to Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations, or agreements resulting from a Carleton University-led competitive procurement process.

Carleton University-led competitive procurement’s are publicly posted in a fair, open and transparent manner. Teams composed of Faculty and Staff from across the University are involved in evaluating proposals received as part of the competitive procurement process. Proposals representing the most advantageous combination of quality and range of products, level of customer service, delivery and potential cost savings are selected to become a Carleton University Vendor of Record.

Unless the value of the purchase or project is equal to or exceeds $100,000, or a second stage process was stipulated in the RFP, an approved Vendor of Record contract may be utilized without obtaining additional quotes from other vendors.

Procurement Services, through eShop, also offers electronic catalogues from a range of “Convenience” Vendors.  A Convenience Vendor is a vendor who has agreed to our terms and conditions to be enabled in eShop, and may offer a range of benefits, including discounts or free shipping.  If a planned purchase from a Convenience Vendor exceeds the $10,000 threshold, additional quotations will be required, as per the Procurement Policy.  If the value of the purchase or project exceeds $100,000, a public competitive process (i.e., RFP) will be required.