Award Name: Fulbright Canada Distinguished Chair in Arts and Social Sciences in Canada and North America for 2020-21

Description: The field of community music has expanded significantly over the past two decades. Community music comprises group music-making activities (including the use of musical instruments modified to be playable by people with a range of physical and learning disabilities) that emphasize accessibility, inclusivity, participation and diversity. It is receiving ever-increasing levels of institutional recognition as an important form of knowledge creation and community engagement, and as a subject that is ripe for intense academic research. Several members of Carleton’s Music program—notably Profs Stewart, Waterman, Deaville, McGowan and Armstrong—have well-established, active profiles in creating innovative community music events and opportunities. In addition, Carleton’s Research and Education in Accessibility Design & Innovation (READi) program provides opportunities for students and researchers from multiple disciplinary backgrounds to work collaboratively on issues related to accessibility. READi researchers have co-designed several innovative adaptive musical technologies specifically for use in community music settings.

The Fulbright Canada Distinguished Chair will be expected to advance the community music axis at Carleton by sharing, with faculty members and students alike, his/her experience and expertise through participation in discussions, workshops and/or performances. The Chair would be in a mutually beneficial relationship with faculty members and graduate students from SSAC Music and from Carleton as a whole who work in community music research and practice.

Specialization:  community music; improvisation studies; adaptive and assistive musical technologies; practice-based research

How to Apply: For more information and how to apply, please visit the Fulbright Canada website.

Information Contact:
Brian Foss
Director, School for Studies in Art & Culture
Carleton University
613-520-2600 x3791

Institutional Contact:
Norah Vollmer
Manager, Faculty Affairs
Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
613-520-2600 x4156