Award Name: Fulbright Canada Distinguished Chair in Arts and Social Sciences in Canada and North America for 2020-21

Description: How will people cope with the continuous and relentless pace of technology in the 21st century? Issues such as how will we interact with robots; how best to use virtual and augmented reality to support education and training; or what are the ethics of decision making in relation to technology, are examples of the difficult questions to be faced. Researchers from disciplines as diverse as cognitive science, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, geography, and English are involved in projects which link human thought, behaviour, and emotion to technology. Moreover, this topic involves researchers in other Faculties and departments at Carleton and draws expertise from a wide community in Ottawa including federal government research labs and major technology companies. In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, scholars study specific topics in the human-technology interface using virtual reality, flight simulators, digital humanities, cybercartography, electrophysiology, and eye-tracking. This Chair provides the opportunity for scholars from the United States to bring their expertise and perspective in the people-technology connection and benefit from the facilities, researchers, and graduate students who are working on this exciting and critical topic. For additional information, please visit our websites at and

Specialization: Interface between humans and technology; disciplines such as cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, geography, digital humanities

How to Apply: For more information and how to apply, please visit the Fulbright Canada website.

Information Contact
Jo-Anne LeFevre, Director
Institute of Cognitive Science
Tel: 613-520-2600 x. 2693

Institutional Contact
Norah Vollmer
Manager, Faculty Affairs
Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
613-520-2600 x4156