CI Teaching Innovation Award
Method of Payment Form

  • A) Acceptance: Innovation Grant

  • An award, in the form of an Innovation Grant in the amount of $6,000 will be established based on your successful CITI application. This grant will be paid as a teaching support grant.

    As expenses are incurred from this grant within each calendar year, they will be reported on a T4A slip as "Research Grant." Income tax on this amount will not be witheld payment by the University.

    The University will issue a letter stating that this income was offset by direct expenses for the purpose of carrying out research. This should be included with the T4A when you file your income tax. You are responsible for claiming these expenses in order to receive the tax exemption. Any tax which Revenue Canada deems payable is the liability of the recipient.
  • B) Publication

  • Please enter a short (approximately 75 words) description of your application for publicity purposes and for inclusion in the Achievement Awards event booklet.
  • C) Awardee Information

  • If you plan to hire research assistants as part of your project, please note that they must be paid in accordance with the Collective Agreement between Carleton University and CUPE 4600, Unit 1. This agreement is posted on Carleton's Human Resources website