Professional Achievement Awards

2017 Award Winners

Janet Hempstead

Reference Librarian (Social Sciences)
MacOdrum Library

Since 2007, Janet Hempstead has been a social sciences reference librarian, supporting the research and teaching needs of the departments of Sociology and Anthropology, Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies, and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies. She has been involved in several initiatives with her departments, such as being a librarian-in-residence, and participating on degree program committees such as the Directed Interdisciplinary Studies Committee and the Disability Studies Committee. She has also been a part of the Ontario Council of University Libraries’ Collaborative Futures Program, which is exploring new ways higher education libraries can work together to create innovative, shared, and comprehensive services. Her research interests include feminist scholarship and pedagogy, workplace discourse, scholarly communication, and feminist and institutional ethnography.

Pat Moore

Systems Librarian (Digital Projects and Technologies)
MacOdrum Library

As Systems Librarian – Digital Projects and Technologies, Pat Moore’s work focuses on technical and process support for scholarly publication and digital preservation, particularly around opening access to research in its many and varied forms. She has an active interest in pedagogy across boundaries of mode, discipline and praxis. She has published and presented on open access, shifting research outputs and continuity. Her research activities focus on information behaviour and organizational change – with emphasis on information access, sharing, persistence and security.


About the Professional Achievement Awards for Professional Librarians

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding professional achievements by professional librarians at Carleton University.

There are two (2) awards valued at $10,000 each. The winner may choose to have this award as a lump sum payment, which will be taxed as salary income or added to his/her Professional Expense reimbursement. A Professional Expense Reimbursement is not taxed and must be claimed against original receipts.

Based on past practice, all librarian members of the bargaining unit, with the exception of those in their first year of employment, are eligible for the annual awards.

Award recipients will be eligible to apply for further awards in the Fall term of the seventh (7th) year following the year in which the previous award was received. For example, if you receive an award on May 1, 2014, you will be eligible to apply for another Professional Achievement Award for Professional Librarians in the fall term of 2021. However, awards received prior to May 31, 2013 shall not impact on an employee’s eligibility to apply for this award.

Application Process
There is no application or nomination form required.
The following are mandatory components of the nomination or application package:

  • Nomination letter or application letter
  • Current C.V. (if not provided with nomination)
  • List of previous Professional Achievement Awards for Professional Librarians and years awarded, if applicable

The following are not mandatory, but will enhance the nomination or application package:

  • Letter(s) of support
  • Statement from nominee or applicant of why s/he deserves the award

Nominations must be made to the Peer Evaluation Committee

The Peer Evaluation Committee must submit its selections to the University Librarian by November 20. For details on the deadline for submissions to the Peer Evaluation committee, please consult with the University Librarian.

Selection Process
Recommendations are made by the Peer Evaluation Committee to the University Librarian. Subject to Article 42.4(b)(ii) of the Collective Agreement, the Committee’s recommendation shall be final and binding. The University Librarian reports the decisions of the Peer Evaluation Committee to the Provost and Vice-President Academic).

The Peer Evaluation Committee will look for exception achievement in one or more of the following areas (above and beyond regular job duties):

  • Improving Library services and operations
  • Facilitating access to technology and scholarly resources
  • Leadership in communications, management, or public outreach and relations
  • Contributions to instruction, teaching and learning
  • Engagement in research and scholarly pursuits within or external to Carleton University
  • Participation in University committees and initiatives beyond the library

Recommendations will be made by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) to the President and Vice Chancellor by December 21. The awards will be conferred on May 1 of the following year. The award may be deferred by the recipient for reasonable cause for up to one (1) year.

Additional Information
This award is governed by the Collective Agreement between Carleton University and CUASA, Article 42.4: Professional Achievement Awards. For additional information, please contact the University Librarian.