Teaching Achievement Awards

2017 Award Winners

Brian Greenspan

Associate Professor
Department of English Language and Literature
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Project: Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI@Carleton)

Brian Greenspan will use his award to create a Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI@Carleton), in cooperation with Carleton’s Global Academy. As a professional certificate school, DHSI@Carleton will offer a range of practical and theoretical courses to complement Carleton’s undergraduate and graduate programs in the Digital Humanities, while providing teaching opportunities for graduate students specializing in the field.

Iain McKinnell

Instructor II
Department of Biology
Faculty of Science

Project: Teaching Experimental Embryology with Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo The project, in collaboration with Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, will develop an innovative learning experience by offering interested biology students hands-on training in reptile embryology. Reptiles are amniotes, and represent a critical point of divergence in evolutionary history. Students will have the opportunity to study these model organisms and experimentally address questions related to vertebrate evolution and development, and stimulate further collaboration between our two organizations in the form of guest lectures, demonstrations and presentations.

Sandra Robinson

Instructor II
School of Journalism and Communication
Faculty of Public Affairs

Project: Developing a Data Analysis Platform for Communication and Media Studies Student Research

 The new course, COMS 4503: Data Mining and Analytics, is part of the suite of professional media workshops in the BCoMS program, and will provide opportunities for students to develop technical skills in media research as well as challenge them to learn how to tell interesting research stories with data, and to navigate the ethical dilemmas associated with big data. It has exciting opportunities for scalability that will benefit students throughout our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Michael Runtz

Instructor III
Department of Biology
Faculty of Science

Project: High-Definition Video Clips

Michael Runtz’s interests both academically and personally lie in natural history. His courses, all self-created, deal with living organisms, and all lectures are lavishly illustrated with personal photographs and video clips. With this award he will purchase super-high-definition video equipment that will allow him to make his courses come to life even more with the inclusion of professional quality video segments. These video clips can also be used by colleagues in the biology department for teaching and promotional purposes.

About the Teaching Achievement Awards

The purpose of this Teaching Achievement Award is to recognize and enhance excellence in teaching for faculty and instructor employees and to provide financial support for the development of an innovative teaching project at Carleton University.

There are five (5) awards of $15,000 available. The winner may choose to accept this award as a cash bonus, which will be taxed as salary income; a research grant, which operates as a regular research account; or as a combination of the two. Expenditures from a Teaching Achievement Award set up as a research grant may be used for the purposes of enhancing academic activities (teaching) in addition to any research-related activities. If the winner chooses this award as a research grant, it will operate as a regular research account, and has no time limit on its usage.

Application Deadline
Applications must be delivered to the Faculty Dean by October 31.

This award is available to faculty members and instructors. Chairs of Departments and Directors of Institutes and Centres are members of the CUASA Bargaining Unit and, therefore, eligible to apply for a Teaching Achievement Award. Directors of Schools and Colleges are ineligible to apply.

Award recipients are allowed to apply for an award in the fall term of the seventh year following the year that they received the last award. For example, if you received an award on May 1, 2011, you would be eligible to apply for another Teaching Achievement Award in the fall term of 2018.

Application Process
Candidates must submit an application form and a proposal.  Please note that the maximum length for the application is fifteen (15) pages, excluding the application form.

A joint application may exceed the 15 page limit, within reason, to include the required information from both applicants, i.e.: statement of teaching philosophy; student ratings of teaching; summary of student comments; statement of previous teaching awards obtained; descriptions of past teaching innovations (if applicable); and publications related to teaching (if applicable).

Nominations must be submitted to the appropriate Faculty Dean by September 30. Your Faculty Dean will ascertain whether the nominee wishes to be considered for an award and ask him/her to complete the formal application by the deadline.

Selection Process
The winners are selected by a committee chaired by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) and composed of the previous year’s Teaching Award Winners, as well as an advisor from the Educational Development Centre. All candidates are rated according to their:
• past teaching achievement;
• statement of teaching philosophy;
• student feedback;
• peer feedback;
• evidence of Innovation in teaching and;
• their proposed teaching innovation, in terms of: enhancement of quality of teaching methods; enhancement of the quality of learning experience for students at Carleton; originality/innovation;
• practicality/support from academic unit; and budget.
Recommendations will be made to the President and Vice-Chancellor by December 21. The awards will be conferred on May 1 of the following year.

Additional Information
This award is governed by the Collective Agreement between Carleton University and CUASA, Article 42.3: Teaching Achievement Awards. For additional information, please contact the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)