Photo of Ikram Jama

Ikram Jama

Interim Assistant Vice-President and University Advisor, Equity and Inclusive Communities

Ikram is currently the Interim Assistant Vice-President and University Advisor at the Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities. She provides strategic leadership and guidance to Carleton University’s administration, faculty, and staff. Since joining Carleton in 2017, Ikram has made significant contributions in advancing equity and human rights across the university.

Besides advising and supporting numerous EDI focused initiatives, she has designed and delivered numerous workshops and trainings for staff, faculty and students on Equitable and Inclusive Hiring Practices, Cross-Cultural Competency, Inclusive Classrooms and Work Spaces to name a few.

Ikram has over 20-year experience working with community agencies and educational institutions.

She started her career while still a student at Carleton University. The work Ikram is most proud of includes creating more culturally safer spaces for communities that experience marginalization and designing appropriate and accessible programs for newcomers. She gained considerable experiences in incorporating anti-oppression and anti-racist principles into organizations while working in the social service sector focusing in the areas of violence against women, immigrant and refugee settlement, community development and youth programming. She initiated and led innovative programs and projects that focused on community identified solutions. Prior to joining Carleton University, she was the Manager of the award-winning MLO (Multicultural Liaison Officer) program at OCISO.

Ikram is passionate about creating spaces of learning where we engage in courageous and compassionate conversations that gets us closer to equitable and inclusive systems and communities.

Ikram is an author and co-editor of Resilience and Triumph: Immigrant Women Tell Their Stories. She has a Masters of Political Science from Carleton University.