Sabbatical, Reduced Workloads, and Other Leaves

Leaves and Reduced Workloads are granted to faculty, instructors, and librarians in accordance with the Collective Agreement.  Academic Managers are also eligible for Administrative Leave in accordance with the University Policy.

Parental Leave

To apply for parental leave, please complete this form.

Sabbatical, Reduced Workloads, and Other Leaves

At Carleton University, faculty, instructors, and librarians are able to apply for sabbatical, reduced workload, and other leaves through our online system – Faculty Affairs- Submit Sabbatical and Other Leave Requests – in Carleton Central under the “Faculty Services” tab.

To submit your application today, please visit Carleton Central.

At the same time, you can also see your “Faculty Profile” which provides a summary of your previous leaves, promotion date(s), and confirmation/tenure status.

When preparing your sabbatical plan, please keep in mind the sabbatical plan guidelines.

More information is included the Faculty Career Leaves Online Submission System User Manual.