About the Professional Achievement Awards for Instructor Employees

The purpose of the Professional Achievement Award for Instructor employees is to recognize outstanding professional achievements at Carleton University.

There are five (5) awards of $10,000. The winner may choose to have this award as a lump sum payment, which will be taxed as salary income or added to his/her Professional Expense Reimbursement. A Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) is not taxed and must be claimed against original receipts.  Salaries for teaching assistants/other supports may be covered under the PER.

In accordance with the PER guidelines, funds can be used for books, equipment, or memberships in professional associations and/or for travel related expenses not covered by or in excess of other travel grants. If you wish to use your award for salaries (ie teaching assistants), please include this request and more information in your application.

Application Deadline
All applications must be submitted to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) by November 20.

This award is available to Instructor employees. Award recipients will be eligible to apply for further awards in the Fall term of the seventh (7th) year following the year in which the previous award was received. For example, if you receive an award on May 1, 2014, you will be eligible to apply for another Professional Achievement Award for Instructor employees in the fall term of 2021. However, awards received prior to May 31, 2013 shall not impact on an employee’s eligibility to apply for this award.

Application Process
Candidates must submit an application form and a proposal on the online portal.  Please note that the maximum length for the application is fifteen (15) pages, excluding the application form. Application forms will become available in the Fall.

Please note that you are not required to have a project to apply for an award.  This is optional.

Nominations can be made by completing the relevant sections of the application form (see above) and submitting it to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) by November 20. A statement of teaching philosophy from the candidate must also be submitted.

Selection Process
The winners are selected by a committee composed of two CUASA appointees and two University appointees, including a representative from the Educational Development Centre who acts as Chair. All candidates are rated according to:

  • a statement of teaching philosophy;
  • student feedback;
  • peer feedback; and
  • evidence of innovation in teaching.

Recommendations will be made to the President and Vice-Chancellor by December 21. The awards will be conferred on May 1 of the following year. The award may be deferred by the recipient for reasonable cause for up to one (1) year.

Additional Information
This award is governed by the Collective Agreement between Carleton University and CUASA, Article 42.4: Professional Achievement Awards. For additional information, please contact the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)