Thank you to all students who participated in our orientation this year and those who took part in our first scavenger hunt! We hope it helped to familiarize you with some of the important places on campus. As requested, please see the answers below:

Scavenger Hunt Questions (ANSWERS)

1.  Q: Find the Centre for Student Academic Support
A: 4th floor library
2.  Q: Where is the Library Reserves desk?
A: Main floor Library
3.  Q: Where is the Psychology undergrad office located?
 A: LA B550
4.  Q: What is the undergrad office’s email address?
5.  Q: Who was the first psychology professor hired in the department?
A: Florence Dunlop
6.  Q: Find the Psychology Mentor’s office; what are the office hours?
A: A502. Office hours Mon-Thurs 12-4pm; Fri 12-2pm.
7.  Q: What are the room numbers of the Psychology TA Offices?
 A: A516, A518, A520
8.  Q: Where is the board room in the Social Sciences Research Building?
 A: Room #307
9.  Q: Find the psychology section of the bookstore
A: First floor University Centre
10.Q: Who is teaching PSYC 1001E; when and where does it meet?
A: Chris Motz, MW 8:35AM-9:55AM, Minto Centre 2000
11.Q: Name two things that you can access at the Carleton Info Desk located in the Galleria
 A: lost & found, putting money on your campus card, etc.

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