Sara Wotschell graduated from Carleton in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology. Following graduation, Sara began to work for Correctional Service of Canada at NHQ on a mental health screening system for new offenders entering into custody. Sara is currently working for the Correctional Service of Canada as a Community Parole Officer in Red Deer, AB. Sara has been with CSC for 12 years and has worked at NHQ, in the Ontario region, the Pacific Region, and at both institutions and the community.

“Enjoy your studies! Take a wide breadth of electives and don’t bog yourself down with all classes and electives in one area. If your interest is forensics, as mine was, take courses in child and social psychology, biology, literature, history. Those classes will enhance your learning experience and you may even find a new passion – like I did with Art History!”

“My studies at Carleton prepared me to learn effectively. Courses in statistics and thesis writing prepared me to be able to not only read, but understand, scientific studies and instilled in me a passion for research.”

“I was lucky enough to have Adelle Forth, PhD, as my undergraduate thesis supervisor. Spending time with her and working together on a research project with Adelle who is not only a brilliant academic, but an outstanding mentor, was definitely the highlight of my years at Carleton. Any student coming into Carleton’s psychology program is bound to get a first-rate education as there are so many leaders in their fields who are amazing and engaging professors.”

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