Introduction to Psychology I and II

Are you interested in why people think, feel, and behave the way they do? If so, you’re interested in the science of psychology. In our Introduction to Psychology courses, a focus is placed on recent research and the application of psychological principles to everyday situations.

In PSYC 1001, you will have an opportunity to survey psychological research related to the biology of behaviour, learning and behaviour and the broad research topics of:

  • sensation
  • perception
  • memory and,
  • consciousness.

In PSYC 1002, a focus is placed on:

  • human development
  • motivation
  • emotion
  • personality
  • social interaction
  • psychological disorders
  • stress and health and,
  • therapy.

If you are a psychology major, then we encourage you to register in one of the majors-only sections of Introduction to Psychology. These classes include a variety of active learning exercises that allow you to engage with the material and apply what you’ve learned. There will also be a number of opportunities to learn more about the department and succeeding in the PSYC program.

These totally online courses have no physical classrooms or required meeting times. Proceed through the course at your own pace and experience maximum flexibility in terms of scheduling course tasks around your other commitments. More information on all these courses appear below.