February is Psychology Month! In order to celebrate, we would like to showcase our Department, and focus on enhancing well-being. With that in mind, we will be publishing “Psychology Insights”, wellness tips from our faculty member that contribute to coping strategies, stress reduction, building resilience, or generally enhancing well-being. Visit us on our website every Tuesday and Thursday this month for a new tip!

Faculty Member

Dr. Cheryl Harasymchuk


Make an effort to try something new and exciting with your partner, even if it seems impossible in the midst of the monotony of the pandemic-related restrictions (e.g.. walk in a new part of the city, watch a mind-opening documentary, try an online yoga class, make a dinner together that you haven’t tried before). To recreate the feeling of exploration, you might consider theme nights with food, drinks, and music inspired by a place you want to explore when travel restrictions are lifted.

Why it works: 

My research suggests that couples who are proactive in engaging in novel and exciting activities together have mind-broadening experiences (i.e., self-expansion) that reduce relational boredom and contribute to happier relationships.

About Dr. Harasymchuk:

Dr. Cheryl Harasymchuk is the lead researcher of the PAIR lab and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University. Dr. Harasymchuk’s research focuses on how people maintain satisfying relationships over time. Her current line of research centers on ways to maintain excitement, growth and personal development in intimate relationships and reduce relational boredom. A secondary line of research relates to friendship maintenance (e.g., handling conflict, play, support).