February is Psychology Month! In order to celebrate, we would like to showcase our Department, and focus on enhancing well-being. With that in mind, we will be publishing “Psychology Insights”, wellness tips from our faculty member that contribute to coping strategies, stress reduction, building resilience, or generally enhancing well-being. Visit us on our website every Tuesday and Thursday this month for a new tip!

Faculty Member

Dr. Katie Gunnell


Being active improves your well-being. Try increasing your activity by taking frequent breaks from sitting or going for a walk outdoors!

Why it works: 

Research shows that being active can boost your well-being because it can help you feel competent, connected to others, and as though you have a say in your decisions!

About Dr. Gunnell:

Dr. Gunnell studies behaviours and how they are connected to mental health. Her research examines how exercise can boost well-being and how we can improve the quality of our screen time.