February is Psychology Month! In order to celebrate, we would like to showcase our Department, and focus on enhancing well-being. With that in mind, we will be publishing “Psychology Insights”, wellness tips from our faculty member that contribute to coping strategies, stress reduction, building resilience, or generally enhancing well-being. Visit us on our website every Tuesday and Thursday this month for a new tip!

Faculty Member

Dr. Kirk Luther


Go easy on yourself and take some time out. It’s ok if you’re not as productive as you were before the pandemic.

Why it works: 

My tip is from purely personal experience and anecdotal evidence (I know, not great for a researcher!). We’re running a marathon fighting covid, not a sprint. Find something that you enjoy doing, something that is yours, and take time out each day to it and recharge.

About Dr. Luther:

My research interests revolve around improving investigative interviewing practices. Specifically, my research works toward ensuring that adults and youth arrested or detained by the police understand their legal rights – mainly their Right to Silence and Right to Legal Counsel – in order to protect both them and the police investigation. I also conduct research looking at how we can improve the accuracy and completeness of information obtained by witnesses, victims, and suspects. Even though I’d like to pretend that I have some interesting hobbies, when I am not conducting research, I am busy chasing around and entertaining three little rascals.