Since 2020, the FUSION Skill Development Program has been integrated into many academic courses and programs, reaching almost 1,000 students.

On Monday, March 28 the recipients of the 2022 FUSION and Citizen Scholar Skills Grant will showcase how they are articulating and translating the FUSION skills to develop learning strategies, improve communication, and problem solve in their academic, work and community contexts.

We are proud that two Psychology students have been selected as recipients of the 2022 FUSION and Citizen Scholar Skills Grant:

  • Mary Fanos, Department of Psychology. Project: Partnerships Promote Novel Perspectives for Collaborative Learning.
  • Brooke Smith, Department of Psychology. Project: How FUSION Equipped Me With the Skills to be Successful in SaPP.

To learn more and register for the March 28th FUSION Student Showcase, visit this page: Six Projects Awarded Funding Through the FUSION and Citizen Scholar Skills Grant – Teaching and Learning Services (