Course Organizational Psychology I
Instructor Janet Mantler
Term Fall 2019
Email Address Janet Mantler
Office Location Loeb A531
Office Hours TBD

Course Description:

This seminar is a graduate-level introduction to the theory, research, and practice of Organizational Psychology, which is the study of human behaviour in profit or non-profit work settings. We will cover topics that deal with how organizations affect the members, leadership, the dynamics of working in teams, how work-related stress affects employees, intervening in organizations, and other current topics. There will be an equal emphasis on understanding the research in Organizational Psychology and applying the material to everyday work life, which could be useful for anyone who anticipates having to deal with people in organizational settings.

This course will be discussion-based, as we puzzle through the complexities of Organizational Psychology together. There may be some flexibility in topics and readings, which we will discuss on the first day of class. Student presentations will occur throughout the course rather than in the last few weeks of the term.


Evaluation will be based on:

  1. Participation in class
  2. Article summaries
  3. Presentation
  4. Final paper


A list of readings (approximately 4 articles per week) will be available at the beginning of term and will include classic articles and recent research. All readings will be available through the Carleton University library.