Course PSYC 5800Y – Special Topics in Psychology: The Psychology of Solitude
Instructor Robert J. Coplan
Term Winter 2020
Email Address Robert Coplan
Office Location SSRB 214D
Office Hours TBA

Course Description:

The experience of solitude is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Over the course of the lifespan, humans spend time alone for many different reasons and subjectively respond to solitude with a wide range of reactions and consequences. In this course, we will explore psychological research related to the costs and benefits of solitude. The course content encompasses several psychological perspectives (e.g., developmental, social, personality, health, neuropsychological, clinical, evolutionary), and we will explore this topic over the course of the lifespan (from young children to the elderly), as well as across a broad range of contexts (e.g., school, natural environments, cyberspace, different cultures).


Class participation, oral presentations, thought papers, written assignments, and research paper.


There is not a specific textbook for this course. The weekly readings will be selected journal articles and book chapters. Some of these will be selected each week by a different student or group of students. These readings can be accessed via the library or course website.