Course Pro-Seminar
Instructor Johanna Peetz
Term Fall 2019 and Winter 2020
Email Address Johanna Peetz
Office Location SSRB 314 A
Office Hours Monday 2:30pm-3:30pm and by appointment

Course Description

The goal of this course is to help you extend your breadth of knowledge in areas of psychology beyond your main area of research/ dissertation and to advance academic skills. The course will target one field of psychology within the Carleton Psychology Department (cognitive, social, personality, health, developmental, applied, forensic) each month, with an introduction to the course in the first month and a summary in the last month). This course will meet once a week.

The meetings include a lecture series of internal speakers (confirmed speakers this term: Dr. Rob Coplan, Dr. Craig Leth-Steenson) and external speakers (confirmed speakers this term: Dr. Diane Poulin-Dubois,  Dr. Jo Anderson) and several workshops focusing on academic/practical skills (e.g., a CV building workshop, a writing workshop).


This class is graded as satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Class Attendance and class participation (for PhD students: satisfactory assignments) are required for a satisfactory grade.

The Proseminar includes brief assignments which are only mandatory for PhD students (but can be submitted by anyone). Examples for the Fall term: a CV/research interest statement, writing introductions for internal or external speakers.


There is no text assigned to this course.