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The Capstone Research Project in Quantitative Methods is a course intended for senior Ph.D. students pursuing the Quantitative Concentration as a supplement to their degree. Admission is restricted to Ph.D. students who have completed 2.0 credits in graduate quantitative methods courses with a grade of at least A in each course. Students must also propose an independent research project that examines a data-analytic problem, ideally in the student’s own area of study. There is broad latitude in what constitutes an appropriate topic, so students who are interested should reach out to the instructor well in advance to discuss project ideas. Students should also notify the graduate office of their intention to take the course. Quantitative methods courses completed in Fall 2018 can be used to fulfill the 2.0 quantitative methods credit requirement.

Weekly class time will be used primarily for one-on-one meetings with the instructor. Other possible activities include software tutorials and troubleshooting, guest presentations, and seminar discussion as needed.


The final course grade is based on successful completion of project milestones throughout the semester and a final report due at the end of semester. Students will report on their progress throughout the semester and receive feedback on a regular basis.


This course has no textbook.