This is a tentative list of courses planned for summer 2020, and is subject to change. Updates will be posted as information becomes available.

For times and locations, please view the public class schedule on Carleton Central.

Course Term Instructor
PSYC 1001A/T: Introduction to Psychology I May-June Lorena Ruci
PSYC 1002A/V: Introduction to Psychology II July-Aug Kim O’Neil
PSYC 2001A/T: Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology May-June Guy Lacroix
PSYC 2002A/V: Introduction to Statistics in Psychology July-Aug Lindsay Richardson/ Mikhail Sokolov
PSYC 2301A/V: Introduction to Health Psychology May-June Tarry Ahuja
PSYC 2307A/T: Human Neuropsychology I May-June Brian Tansley
PSYC 2400A/T: Introduction to Forensic Psychology May-June Julia Blais
PSYC 2801R: Organizational Psychology I May-June Kate Dupre
PSYC 3000A: Design and Analysis in Psychological Research May-Aug Cecilia Jorgenson
PSYC 3402R: Criminal Behaviour July-Aug Craig Bennell
PSYC 3403A/T: Addiction May-June Tarry Ajuha
PSYC 4001B: Psychology of Climate Change May-June Stefania Maggi
PSYC 4001C: Career Development from Early Childhood to Adolescence May-June Stefania Maggi
PSYC 4402R: Police Psychology May-June Craig Bennell
PSYC 4900/4902A/B: Independent Study May-June/July-Aug Guy Lacroix
PSYC 4907: Thesis for B.Sc with Hon in Psych May-Aug Rob Coplan
PSYC 4908: Thesis for B.A with Hon in Psych May-Aug Rob Coplan
PSYC 4909/4910A: Project for B.Sc. Hon in Psych May-Aug Kavita Prakash