Should I choose the Honours Thesis or the Honours Project?

When deciding, make sure to consider your career options:

  • A Thesis is generally required for research and clinical graduate programs
  • The Project is generally acceptable for a range of other programs and career options.

Specific prerequisite requirements (listed below) must be met in order to register.

Please note that a 10.0 CGPA is now required for both BSc and BA students.

What is an honours seminar?

If you are planning on completing a Thesis in your 4th-year, you must complete an honours seminar in your 3rd-year.

The department currently offers seminars pertaining to:

  • Social
  • Health
  • Forensic
  • Developmental
  • Personality
  • Cognitive
  • Organizational.

These courses involve an in-depth consideration of theory and research in their respective disciplines, and help to prepare you for conducting a Thesis.

In order to gain entrance to an honours seminar, 2nd-year students must submit an application form to B550 Loeb (deadline information will be communicated by email and posted here during the winter term). Information on all prerequisites is provided on the honours seminar application form.