Should I choose the Honours Project or the Honours Thesis?

When students reach the final year of their Honours degree in psychology (BA, BSc, or Combined), they can select one of two capstone courses: the project or the thesis.

Most students complete the Honours Project. This small full-year seminar allows students to explore a research topic that they have chosen in depth with the support of their professor, TAs, and their peers. Within an active learning environment, they deliver oral presentations, produce written reports, and develop of a set of skills that are highly transferable to the workplace. The Honours Project is the best choice for the majority of our students.

Some students will complete the Honours Thesis. With the mentorship of a faculty supervisor, students conduct a project of research. They review of the appropriate literature, contribute to the design of a study or experiment, conduct data analyses, and produce an APA style written report. The thesis is intended for students who wish to apply to graduate programs in psychology. Enrollment into the thesis is competitive and limited.

Please note that a 10.0 CGPA is now required for both BSc and BA students.