How Can we Help?

In accordance with our guiding principles, the role of Purchasing Services is to provide support and advice with respect to eShop, strategic sourcing, the competitive tendering processes and contract review.  We also assist in negotiating supply agreements and investigating improved procurement tools and methodologies to ensure value for money.

We can provide assistance with Customs Clearances, Courier Services, Purchasing Card Programs, Document Shredding and surplus sales.

Our Core Values

purchasing services - serviceService Excellence – We meet customer needs through professional, responsive, reliable, and courteous service.

purchasing services - continuousContinuous Improvement – We challenge the status quo with innovative work processes and practices.

purchasing services - healthySafe, Healthy and Sustainable Environment – We foster a positive work environment and promote sustainable initiatives in our procurement processes.

purchasing services - decisionInclusive Decision Making – We collaborate in making evidence-based, timely and effective decisions.

purchasing services - professionalismProfessionalism – We act ethically in accordance with the Supply Chain Code of Ethics, and are accountable for our work.

purchasing services - valueValue – We seek to provide our clients with the best possible value and lowest total cost of ownership.