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What is eCard?

The eCard is a new campus card program for in-person business-related purchases at participating vendors on campus when eShop cannot be used. Similar to the Pcard, this new card will allow you to charge your purchases directly to University funding sources, such as your departmental operating fund.

How will the campus community be impacted by eCard?

The paper ICB has been replaced by the eCard program for those on campus vendors where eShop cannot be used.

The good stuff when using eCard:

  • Expenses are charged directly to a funding source.
  • No out-of-pocket expenses, so no Travel and Expense Reimbursement system.

The new stuff:

  • You will receive a monthly email reminder advising you of the deadline to reconcile your transactions.
  • Transactions can be reconciled in the Purchasing Card module in FAST. If you currently have a purchasing card, the eCard will be listed separately under ‘List of My Accounts’ in the FAST portal.
  • You will have the ability to charge the purchase to any of the funding sources you have posting authority on.
  • You will require a receipt for all purchases. Please remember to ask the vendor for the receipt before they swipe your eCard.
  • A supervisor’s signature is only required on your monthly statement if you incur hospitality charges on your eCard.

Getting Started

To apply for an eCard:

  • Fill out the eCard application here. Once the application is complete, please send to Purchasing Services, 609 Robertson Hall or email Donna Pereira
  • Familiarize yourself with the eCard policy prior to picking your card up.
  • When the card is ready for pick-up, you will be contacted by Purchasing Services to pick up and sign for your card in Room 609 Robertson Hall.

If you are asked to reconcile an eCard on someone’s else’s behalf:

  • Email Donna Pereira, cc’ing the cardholder, requesting the ability to access their eCard. Access will be setup to the card in the FAST Purchasing card module. Login to FAST with your MC1 credentials, select the ‘Purchasing Card’ module and the card will be listed under ‘List of Accounts I Manage’. You will be able to reconcile the transactions on that eCard to the funding sources that you have posting access to.

Getting Help

There are a number of ways that you can get help and find answers!


Purchasing Services ext.3622


Purchasing or Donna Pereira

On your own:

Most Popular Questions

Am I able to use the eCard at Dining Services locations?
Yes! You can use the eCard for business-related purposes at Dining Services retail locations, ie. Bakers, Food Court, Starbucks and Tim Hortons. For any Catering orders, you must use eShop.

Which vendors are available?
The following vendors are accepting the eCard:

  • Bookstore
  • CCS Hardware Services
  • Dining Services locations
  • Parking Pay & Display

Visit the FAQ section on the Purchasing Services website