Carleton University currently has a contract for Safety shoes with Work Authority. Employees wishing to obtain safety shoes can do so when the Work Authority truck visits campus for 2 days, usually in November/December.

If an employee misses the truck or is hired earlier in the year, Work Authority now has a store in Ottawa.  Please contact Purchasing for instructions on how to obtain shoes from the Merivale Store.

Work Authority
1556 Merivale Road
Nepean, ON  K2J 3J8
Tel: 613-224-1145
Work Authority Merivale Store

As per the CUPE 2424 agreement, Section 26.02:

26.02 Safety Measures

Employees required to work in shops or in dangerous and/or adverse conditions will be supplied with all tools, equipment, protective clothing, and safety glasses to meet those conditions.

In addition, the Employer will supply one pair of safety shoes/boots every year providing the employee, by the nature of her/his work, is required to wear this type of footwear to prevent or minimize possible injury.

The Employer, after consultation with the employee, shall decide the appropriate CSA level of safety for the work to be done. The employee may select the style of footwear. When the Employer arranges for a display of footwear to assist in the selection, it will endeavour to provide a wide selection of styles to choose from.