Senate and Alumni Boardroom Bookings

**New Furniture and Floor plan in Senate Room, please click on the Senate Boardroom Link Below to view**

Room bookings for both the Senate and Alumni Boardrooms are done through the Enterprise Portal at:  Please follow the instructions below to view the availability of the rooms and send in your requests.

If you have any technical issues with the Enterprise portal, or you need to book another space on campus please contact

If you have any questions about your booking for either the Senate or Alumni Boardrooms, please contact Purchasing

To View the availability of a Room:
-Log in using your My Carleton credentials.
-Under Calendar Search on the left side of the page, click on “rooms”.
-Under Location, select RO-Robertson.
-Choose the room you would like and select the Calendar on the right side to view the times that are available.

You may also click on “Detail” to see more details and a floor plan of the room.  For a quick view of the Calendar’s for the Alumni and Senate boardrooms, click on Calendar quick picks, on the left side of the page.

To Book a Room:
-Log in using your My Carleton credentials.
-On the left side select “Request a Specific Room”.
-Under Request type choose: Boardrooms and Meeting rooms.
-Under Location choose: RO-Robertson Hall.
-Follow the instructions on the page to choose your room and request a date and time.

*Every request will receive an approval email when accepted*