The Fresh Thinking Series is an innovative and evolving approach to grassroots quality improvement at Carleton University.

This community-based group is open to leaders at all levels and statuses (faculty, staff, management, casual, contract) looking to use a supportive environment to solve their challenges; help solve the challenges of others; and learn from their peers.

Inspiring each other to improve…Supporting each other to success!

Involvement in The Fresh Thinking Series is voluntary for each and every employee of Carleton and can be done a number of ways:

  1. Monthly Meetings – The community meets at lunchtime on the last Tuesday of each month from 12:00 – 1:30pm, with the last 30 minutes being a social mixer for those who wish to stay and chat. Meetings are organized by The Fresh Thinking Planning Group.
  2. Online Networking – The home of the community online is via the LinkedIn Group. Search for The Fresh Thinking Series – Carleton University under Groups).  A free LinkedIn account can be set up online to join.  This group is open to Carleton University employees only.  Continue the discussion in between meetings by joining the group.
  3. Twitter – Follow our Twitter feed @CU_Quality.  All posts are available online to view however you’ll need a Twitter account to tweet yourself.
  4. Lunch Roulette (new) – Have lunch with someone new and learn about their contributions to Carleton!

What’s in it for me?

  • Quality…without the jargon
  • Use our collective knowledge to come up with new, better ways of doing things
  • Learn tools and techniques to identify improvement potential in our areas
  • Develop collegial relationships with other across campus
  • Think differently in how we deliver value to those that we serve
  • Have a network of people to rely on, who value Carleton University and are interested in its’ success

Series Topics

Engaging others Planning Improving processes
Effective use of people, money and reputation Working together Satisfying constituents
Learning from failure Staying focused Balancing demands