The 2016 Quality Showcase was a tremendous success again this year! The attendees had an opportunity to learn how 20 departments across campus will Grow, Inspire and Lead us into 2017 as part of the very popular Quality Showcase Expo. Our vice-president (Finance and Administration) hosted his first ever Michel’s Den. Michel and his Dragons (Suzanne Blanchard, Patrick Lyons, and professors Kim Hellemans and Nick Rowe) heard four unique and innovative ideas which included:

  • Anisha Ghelani from the Science Student Success Centre – CU Shuttle
  • Yolana Junco, Chris Surgeoner, Josh Shaw from Athletics – Rink of Dreams
  • Christine Lyons and Kajal Agarwal from the SEO – Greenery on the Go
  • Allie Davidson and Christina Atallah from EDC and Marta Wein from Athletics – Outdoor Playground

The winner of the iPad mini was Sandy Marion from the Business Office, and the winner of the lunch at Baker’s was the Science Technology Centre.

Who knows, this time next year there could be a rink of dreams, a campus shuttle, an outdoor playground and beautiful greenery bringing happiness across campus.

Check out the photo gallery from the day’s events: