Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

RADS Research Day 2021

March 26, 2021 at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Location:Online via Zoom:
Key Contact:Paulo Garcia

Join us for our annual RADS Research Day! This year’s event will be virtual, but it will feature an exciting program consisting of student poster presentations and “three minute madness” where RADS members will give a short presentation of their work.

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11:00-11:10 Welcome Address by Professor Shikharesh Majumdar, RADS Director
11:10-11:35 3 Minute Madness (Faculty Presentations)
  • Murray Woodside: “Dynamic models in system performance”
  • Jason Jaskolka: “Cyber Security Evaluation and Assurance”
  • Gabriel Wainer: “Modeling and Simulation”
  • Paulo Garcia: “Reconfigurable Embedded Systems”
  • Greg Franks: “TBA”
  • Shikharesh Majumdar: “High Performance Parallel and ¬†Distributed Systems: Resource Management and Middleware”
11:35-12:35 Student “Poster” Presentations
  • 11:35 Behnaz Fakhar (John Chinneck): “TBA”
  • 11:40 Gabriel Seyoum (Murray Woodside): “Building Layered Performance Models Using Kernel Trace Data”
  • 11:45 Siyu Zhou (Murray Woodside): “Estimate the waiting time based on binomial distribution”
  • 11:50 Alvi Jawad (Jason Jaskolka): “Analyzing the Impact of Cyberattacks on Industrial Control Systems using Statistical Model Checking”
  • 11:55 Joe Samuel (Jason Jaskolka): “A Data-Driven Approach for Designing Secure Systems”
  • 12:00 Patrick Gavingan (Babak Esfandiari): “TBA”
  • 12:05 Jason Miller (Babak Esfandiari): ¬†“Modelling the Execution time of the Jason BDI Reasoning Cycle”
  • 12:10 Joshua Fryer (Paulo Garcia): “Simulation of Covid-19 prevention on populations equipped with intelligent wearable devices”
  • 12:15 Bannya Chanda (Shikharesh Majumdar): “Filtering and Storage of User Preferred Data: A ¬†Parallel Processing Based Approach”
  • 12:20 Calvin Jary (Chung-Horng Lung): “TBA”
  • 12:25 Mia Wei (Chung-Horng Lung): “TBA”
  • 12:30 Gazoan Ahmed (Chung-Horng Lung): “TBA”
  • 12:35 Joshua Wilson (Chung-Horng Lung): “TBA”
Q&A Period
12:55-13:00 Concluding Remarks