1. Mission Statement
  2. Mandate
  3. Governance

Mission Statement

To highlight, celebrate, and cultivate Carleton’s expertise, leadership and collaboration with the community to create greater accessibility and a more inclusive world.


  • Position Carleton University as a Centre of Excellence in accessibility.
  • Support increased program emphasis and facilitate academic programming, course offerings, and training expertise in accessibility, disabilities, and inclusion.
  • Advance research to inform applied development and design in accessibility across disciplines and sectors.
  • Mobilize a community of researchers in accessibility, within and beyond Carleton University.
  • Engage students and faculty at Carleton with persons with disabilities and the broader community locally, nationally and globally.


The READ Initiative (Research, Education, Accessibility and Design) is an important program at Carleton University and is aligned with the university’s vision and strategic plan, “Defining Dreams” and the Carleton Academic Plan. READ is also integral to Carleton’s support for persons with disabilities and its outreach and community engagement goals.

READ operates as an internal unit of Carleton, subject to all the university’s relevant policies, procedures and requirements. The activities of the READ Initiative are supported by the Office of the Vice-Presidents Students & Engagement, Research & International, and the Provost and VP Academic.

READ has an Advisory Board comprised of faculty, staff, students and members of the external community who, through their experience or position, provide expertise and advice on the activities and operations of the organization.

The Advisory Board meets approximately three times each year to recommend direction and accept reports on the initiatives of the READ Initiative from the Advisory Board Chairperson and staff. The Advisory Board Chairperson is appointed for a term of two years, and is responsible for recruiting Advisory Board members to a maximum of 15, with representation from all academic faculties, staff, students and the community.  The Director is responsible for the day to day operation of the READ initiative and a strategic realization of the mandate.

Members of the READ Board will serve a 2 year term (with the exception of student members who serve a 1 year term) and can be re-appointed for a subsequent term.  The Advisory Board Chair will establish working groups as needed to conduct the business of READ including but not limited to members of the Advisory Board. Quorum at Advisory Board meetings is 50% of current members.