Canadian Accessibility Network Domain Area Committees

CAN will advance accessibility nationally in the five key areas, or what we call Domain Areas: Community Engagement; Education and Training; Employment; Policy; and Research, Design and Innovation.

The work of these Domain Area Committees (DACs) will be informed by the on-going discussions and activities identified by the Governing Council (GC) and Advisory Council (AC), as well as through co-collaboration across domain working groups.

The main purpose of each DAC is to:

  • Assist the GC and AC to identify, assess, pursue and implement DAC-related opportunities to ensure that CAN meets its organizational objectives;
  • Help develop, implement and promote DAC-related policies, procedures and practices related to accessibility, disability and/or inclusion across the Network; and
  • Assist the GC to fulfil the Network’s commitments to its partner organizations and primary stakeholders regarding DAC-related issues.

For more information, please visit each Domain Area Committee webpage (listed below):

If you are interested in the work of the CAN and the Domain Area Committees, please contact the CAN National Office at