Research, Design and Innovation Domain Area Committee (DAC)

Research-driven innovation in accessibility provides solutions to barriers and creates opportunities for full participation through the design of spaces, technologies, products, and transportation. CAN brings together research, design and innovation across disciplines and industries in Canada.

Research, Design and Innovation DAC Priorities for the 21/22 Operating Year

Currently, the Research, Design & Innovation DAC is working on the following strategic priorities:

  • Identifying and building an extensive list of opportunities to apply for funding in relation to the needs of the Network.
  • Compiling a comprehensive list of start ups across Canada with a focus on accessibility.
  • Researching the types of change and/or loss of function for people with disabilities across Canada and the economic impact on them, as a result.

Other activities that they may be involved in include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistive and rehabilitation technologies and devices
  • Smart technologies for monitoring and assessment
  • Artificial Intelligence and accessibility
  • Products, services, transportation, and environments
  • Design and design methods
  • Wellness management and mental health
  • Functional impairments, therapeutic, medical solutions
  • Social, historical, critical perspectives

The Role of DAC Members, Meetings and Time Commitment

DAC members are appointed to a one- or two-year role to work with the Committee. Members are involved in enacting the business of the Network, as it relates to the strategic priorities of the working group (as noted above).

DAC meetings happen bi-monthly (approximately 6 times per year) for up to 2 hours at each meeting – see Current Meeting Schedule.

There is an expectation that in addition to these meetings, members can anticipate that there will be an additional three to five hours a month (approx.) commitment that is outside of required meeting times that is dedicated to contributing towards the work of each Domain Area Committee. This time is dependent on the agreed upon work plan for the operating year and will fluctuate.

Please see Terms of Reference for Research, Design and Innovation for more information on the governance of this Committee.


If you are interested in the work of the Research, Design and Innovation DAC, please contact the CAN National Office at