The Advisory Council (AC) shall provide advice and recommendations to the Governing Council (GC) on behalf of partner organizations with a focus on:

  • ensuring that the GC and the Domain Area Committees (DACs) benefit from the lived experiences of persons with disabilities and their support teams;
  • offering a cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary and cross-country sounding board for the GC and DACs;
  • informing the efforts of the DACs by having some of its members serve on one or more of these committees as appropriate and feasible; and
  • The AC shall also provide a forum for partner organizations to come together to learn from one another, engage in collaborative initiatives and network.

For more information on the Advisory Council, please view the DRAFT Terms of Reference, which will be reviewed and/or revised, and approved at the direction of the AC, during its first scheduled meeting.


Contact the CAN National Office Corporate Secretary, Julie Caldwell at or call 613-878-5842.