Open call for members of Domain Area Committees

The Network has identified a need for five Domain Area Committees (DACs):

  • Research, Design and Innovation
  • Education and Training
  • Policy
  • Employment
  • Community Engagement

The DACs will deal with matters referred to them by the Governing Council (GC) and by the Advisory Council (AC) as well as those matters identified by respective committees. In all instances, the DACs will make recommendations to the GC for its approval, unless the GC has specifically provided the DACs with the authority to act on a certain matter or matters on behalf of the GC.

The main purpose of each DAC will be to:

  • Assist the GC and AC to identify, assess, pursue and implement DAC-related opportunities to ensure that CAN meets its organizational objectives;
  • Help develop, implement and promote DAC-related policies, procedures and practices related to accessibility, disability and/or inclusion across the Network; and
  • Assist the GC to fulfil the Network’s commitments to its partner organizations and primary stakeholders regarding DAC-related issues.

For more information on the Domain Area Committees, please view the DRAFT Terms of Reference for each Committee, which will be reviewed and/or revised, and approved at the direction of the respective DACs, during their first scheduled meetings.

Accepting Volunteer Applications

NOW accepting volunteer applications for Members of each Domain Area Committee. Check out Elections & Call for Members for application requirements and deadlines. The application process is open until further notice. More Info


Contact the CAN National Office Corporate Secretary, Julie Caldwell at or call 613-878-5842.