ENABLE Ottawa 2021

June 1 – 3, 2021

Innovations in Assistive and Adaptive Technologies

ENABLE Ottawa is a free, three-part virtual ideas exchange forum that brings together cross-sectoral communities of accessibility professionals and people interested in learning about the changing world of assistive and adaptive technologies that are helping create universal, accessible experiences in the world.

The 6th edition, brought together individuals and organizations interested in assistive devices and innovative technologies supporting accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities.

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Explore the themes for each three days. Watch again:

Day 1 | Technology + Innovation dived into how innovators are rethinking design and technology

Accessibility + Design
APPS and Technologies Helping People Navigate the World
Innovations in Research Informing Emerging Accessible Technologies

Day 2 | Living focused on how accessibility allows a more inclusive community so all can participate equally in society

The Accessible Gaming Revolution
Innovations and Technologies creating Universal Experiences in Public Spaces
Digital Innovations in the Arts

Day 3 | Workplace + Education explored how to: maximize resilience through lifelong learning and ensure that our organizations promote inclusive learning opportunities in the workplace

Maximizing Resilience with Lifelong Learning: Building an Inclusive New Normal
Promoting Inclusive Learning in the Workplace
Navigating School and Work in an Ever-changing Environment Using Assistive and Adaptive Technology

We hosted a broad audience base of 500 registrants. They contributed in lending their voice to the thought leadership discussion on innovations informing the technology augmenting accessibility.

READ Research, Education, Accessibility and Design

We at READ | Carleton University are proud to have brought to you another successful Enable Ottawa!

READ leads the Canadian Accessibility Network(CAN), which is a national collaboration to advance accessibility for persons with disabilities through Research, Design and Innovation, Education and Training, Policy, Employment, and Community Engagement.

Post Event participation

For those that attended the conference, access to our virtual event platform is still available. Connect with the 30 Speakers who participated in the forum, visit the Innovation Showcase and access resource materials shared by Exhibitors and view the Thought Leadership sessions shared by our partner organizations.

For those that were not able to attend the live event you may still access all of the online content by registering here.

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