Records Management Workshops and Webinars

Why do you need records management training with the Corporate Archives? Sound records management practices ensure that the University’s vital legal, fiscal, and historical records are identified, retrievable, and preserved. Additionally, records management assures that non-essential records are disposed of in a secure and timely manner, according to applicable legislation and best practices.

To support staff working remotely, Corporate Archives has transitioned selections of its records management workshops to short webinars. Select the links below to view the webinars in the Carleton Mediaspace. New webinars are currently being developed – email us for more information!

Current Webinars:

  1. Introduction to Records Management – Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Official versus Transitory Records
  3. Introduction to the Carleton University Retention Schedule
  4. The Carleton University Digital Archives Vault
  5. Records Management and Remote Work Tools
  6. Archival Records

NOTE: Corporate Records and Archives also offers virtual workshops tailored to the needs of your staff or department. Contact us to find out how we can provide RM training for you and your staff.