Effective March 15, the options for pickup, third party pickup and mailout for Certificates of Enrollment will be removed from Carleton Central. This better reflects the University’s efforts to eliminate unnecessary paper usage for official documents that are delivered online.

In addition, also effective March 15, the options for pickup and third party pickup for VOSS letters will be removed from Carleton Central for similar reasons. Note – mail out remains an option for VOSS letters due the nature of the document and to the fact that some banks prefer to receive the physical forms.

2 thoughts on “Changes to Delivery Options for Certificates of Enrollment”

  1. Manpreet sharma says:

    i want to study in canada i personify my self as Manpreet shrama and i dont have much time to do ilets but as my query i want to know information of that can i ? get study in your universty wthout ilets

    1. kellylauzon says:

      If you are interested in an undergraduate degree, please contact the Admissions office. You can submit your question using this form https://admissions.carleton.ca/information-request.

      If you are interested in a graduate program, please contact the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs via email at graduate_studies@carleton.ca.

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