Fall/Winter Registration will begin with 1st year student registration starting on June 28 and returning student registration starting on July 5.  The Class Schedule and registration course planning tool will be available in Carleton Central on May 31.

The registration website, including how-to videos, registration instructions and important dates and deadlines, is now available. Please visit www.carleton.ca/registration for all the details.

The Student Registration Assistance service will be available to both new and returning students throughout the summer, offering email, chat and phone assistance starting on May 31. Information on this service can be found at https://carleton.ca/registrar/registration/sra.

Also, please note that all of the Registrar’s Office How-To videos have been updated, and they can now be found on the respective pages throughout the Registration site or you can visit our YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCECrC7x9V1zLi_qdEHEzf-Q/videos).