Diploma information

Diploma mail out

If you require proof of graduation, you can request an Unofficial Transcript or a Certificate of Enrolment via Carleton Central. The Unofficial Transcript contains a notation that your degree has been awarded, and it will be sent to your cMail address within 24 hours. The fourth option of the Certificate of Enrolment request menu is a letter that confirms your degree has been awarded. The certificate will be sent to your cMail address within 24 hours.

Address Information: Please review your current mailing address on Carleton Central. If this address is incorrect, please make the necessary changes by October 15 (for Fall graduation), February 15 (for Winter graduation), or May 15 (for Spring graduation) in order to ensure you receive your diploma at the revised address.

For those graduating in Spring 2020, please refer to the email you received on June 5th regarding your diploma. To request that your diploma be mailed out to you via regular Canada Post, please respond to the June 5th email with your request and ensure your mailing address is up to date by June 12th, 2020.

Third Party Pickup (currently not available due to COVID-19)
A third party can be assigned to pick up the diploma by completing the Third Party Release Form** in advance. If you want someone to pick your diploma up on your behalf you must have followed the process for submitting a third party release form giving your permission prior to them arriving and they will need to show picture identification.

**Please note: the preferred method of submitting Third Party Release authorization is via your MyCarleton email account.  Simply email the details outlined on the form to registrar@carleton.ca.

Withholding Official Documents for Graduating Students
The University has a policy in relation to the release of official documents confirming graduation.  If a student has a balance owing on their student account, all graduation documentation will be withheld including your diploma, transcripts and/or letters and confirmations certifying graduation.

Fee payment options can be found at http://carleton.ca/studentaccounts/, any inquiries related to your student account should be directed to the Student Accounts office at student.accounts@carleton.ca or by phone at 613-520-3626.

**Please note: Diplomas that are unclaimed for a two year period following convocation will be destroyed; this includes those that are returned by mail and those that are held due to a financial hold. Should a student require a diploma after it has been destroyed a replacement diploma may be requested.

Changing your Diploma Name
If your legal name contains special characters, which you would like reflected on your diploma, please complete a Diploma Name Request Form and submit it to registrar@carleton.ca from your Carleton e-mail account, fax the completed form to 613-520-4410, or drop it off to the Registrar’s Office 300 Tory Building no later than October 1 (for Fall graduation), February 1 (for Winter graduation), or May 1 (for Spring graduation). Special characters in a name include accents, raised characters and hyphens. The Diploma Name Change form is located here.

More Information
Be sure to check out our graduation information page for more information regarding graduation, convocation and diplomas.