Replacement Graduation Diploma

1. A graduation diploma will be replaced in the following cases:

  • When a diploma has been lost or damaged.
  • When the name of the holder has been changed under the regulations for the change of name process as per University records.

2. Return of the original diploma with the request is required if the reason for replacement is due to damage or an official name change.

3. In cases of lost or destroyed diplomas, the holder must submit a Statutory Declaration (form available below) to the University Registrar and have it signed and sealed by a Notary Public*, legally swearing that the original diploma has been lost or destroyed.   The condition of the reissuance of a diploma in cases of loss or destruction is that if the original should be found at any time, the replacement diploma must be returned to the Registrar’s Office at Carleton University for cancellation.

*A Notary Public is a public official who can authenticate documents with a notarial seal. Many lawyers are also Notaries. A Notary Public is not equivalent to a Guarantor. Please contact a local law office in your area.

4.  Replacement diplomas will include the date the diploma is reissued on the document as well as original information about the degree conferred. All diplomas are produced using the current University diploma printing standards and signatures.

5. The purchase price for a replacement diploma covers the cost of handling, mailing charges and HST (HST #11883 8937 RT0001). Delivery to an address outside of Canada must be arranged and paid for by the requester.

6.  Processing normally takes 2 weeks however, during peak Convocation seasons, please allow 4 weeks for a Replacement Diploma to be processed. Peak Convocation seasons are mid-May until the end of June and mid-October until the end of November and mid-January until the end of February.


Please Note: Replacement diplomas will not be issued if there is any outstanding balance owed to the University until the balance has been settled with the Carleton University Business Office.

Please complete the order form and ensure all supporting documentation accompanies your request.

Request a Replacement Diploma
Statutory Declaration Form