• Not all courses you see on the host university’s calendar/website have been listed on the International Exchange database since they are only evaluated and added to the database as students register for them.
  • You will be required to bundle courses together in a given faculty to obtain 0.5 Carleton credit or 6 ECTS, ie: 3 Political Science courses valued at 2 ECTS each can be bundled together upon approval of the Political Science department.
  • Credits you are currently viewing and being approved for may not be the same courses you are viewing for the next term. This is why it is important to meet with you advisor for approval of your course selection to minimize the confusion later.
  • An exchange course may not transfer back at the same year level as you see at the host institution. It is quite possible for a 2 year course from abroad to be equated at the 1st year level here at Carleton.

If you have questions about a particular university and the exchange of credits please ensure you contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

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