If you are interested in a graduate degree, please contact the Graduate Supervisor of the degree program you wish to pursue prior to registering in graduate courses as a Special student. Special students registered in a graduate level course are subject to regulations governing Special students outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar. Graduate level work completed as a Special student is not normally acceptable for transfer credit to a graduate degree program.

Application to Register as a Special Student
Prospective students who have never registered at Carleton must complete an application to register as a Special student.

Course Load
Special students may register in a maximum course load of two half-credit courses per term at the graduate level.

Transfer Credit after Admission
Graduate courses completed at another institution or at Carleton University that have not been used to fulfill the requirements of another degree program may be accepted in partial fulfillment of Carleton’s degree requirements. Credit for such work will be determined in each case by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs on the recommendation of the program concerned.

Special students registered in graduate level courses are not eligible for INC (incomplete) grades. Failure to complete final assignments by the last day of classes will result in a final grade of ABS (absent). In exceptional circumstances (i.e. illness), students may apply for a deferral of a final assignment to the Undergraduate Appeals Secretariat.

Requests for registration should be directed through the department offering the course.  Deadlines for payment of course fees are firm.

Course Changes
Course changes from credit to audit or audit to credit must be completed by the last date for course changes as published.