Good Standing (GS) with Overload Privilege :

Good Standing with Overload Privilege signifies that you have fully met the academic standards required for your degree program and that you are eligible to continue your studies. Please note that the minimum standards for Good Standing increase as you progress toward graduation and that a higher level of performance may be required for Good Standing at your next Academic Performance Evaluation.

In addition to the designation of Good Standing, you have been granted an overload privilege due to your overall CGPA of 7.00 or higher. An overload allows you to automatically register in a maximum of 3.0 credits in each of the Fall and/or Winter sessions. In order to give all students fair access to available courses during the registration period, you will only be able to access your overload privilege on August 1, following the time-ticket period for returning degree students. A communication will be sent to you at that time reminding you of your overload privilege.

Please keep in mind that an overload can be a challenging academic workload. You are strongly encouraged to review your progress regularly, meet with an advisor, if necessary, and be aware of withdrawal deadlines if you choose to exercise your overload privilege.

Here are some important resources and information to help you with your continued academic success.