When attempting to add a course, you may encounter a Registration Error; this happens when you do not meet the registration criteria set out by the department. If you feel that you meet the registration criteria, you can submit a registration override request through Carleton Central to ask for  permission to register in the course. You may also submit a registration override request if you need to register in restricted sections of a course, laboratory, or tutorial, or if you are seeking permission to register in a course for which you lack the prerequisites. The Override Request can be found on the Add or Drop Classes page in Carleton Central.  Each override request is reviewed by the department offering the course. To check the status of your request, click the Review Course Registration Override Status link under Registration in Carleton Central’s Main Menu.

**NOTE: you will only have access to submit an override request once your time-ticket has opened.

Permission of the Department
Before you register in a course with this notation you must receive permission from the department offering the course. You can verify any special registration permissions to take a course in Step 1 of the registration process. If you do not have permission from the Department you will receive an error message. To request permission to register in the course, submit the Registration Override Request (see Access to Courses).

Business Course Registration

In order to effectively manage registration in BUSI courses for all students requiring them, courses are available on a priority basis – this registration priority list is available on sprott.carleton.ca/registration. Please review this list before completing a Registration Override Request as spaces may become available to you at a later date if you are in:

  • A Sprott minor
  • BCS (Management & Business Systems Stream)
  • BA (Concentration in Financial Economics)
  • BID

If you think you should have access to a BUSI course but are receiving error(s), please submit a Registration Override Request Carleton Central (see Access to Courses).

To avoid delays, please note that:

  • You must have completed all the prerequisites for the target course before a space is reserved. Check the latest prerequisites to ensure you have the required grade/course(s).
  • If you have completed prerequisite course equivalents at another institution, you will also need to submit the Request for Waiver of Prerequisite form.

Engineering Course Registration
Only students whose undergraduate degree requirements list specific engineering courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Design shall be permitted to register in these courses. Any other student must complete a Registration Override Request through Carleton Central (see Access to Courses ).